Tour Operators and Travel Agencies Ecology Question 7

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Does the brand (company) offer accommodation that has a certification for environmental responsible practices?

Dutch version: Biedt het merk (bedrijf) accommodaties aan met een certificering voor milieuzorg?

German version: Hat der Reiseanbieter umweltzertifizierte Unterkünfte im Angebot?

References and Guidelines

One promising screening system for suppliers is the Travelife Sustainabililty System. It is a Multi-Stakeholder Initiative whereby Tour Operators can register their suppliers for assessment on their sustainability performances assessed. When suppliers reach a certain performance level they can apply for an audit which provides them with the opportunity to be noted in the catalogues of tour operators through the Travelife bronze, silver or gold sustainability logos.

Other sustainability initiatives that can be integrated in the screening are:

Please contact when you find brands referring to initiatives not (yet) listed here.

Ranking guidelines

A 'Yes' is rewarded when the brand offers environmentally certified accommodation. To start, for this question any amount of environmentally friendly certified accommodations is sufficient for a yes – but ONLY WHEN the brand also reports its suppliers' sustainability performance level. The website must give an overview of the certifications and hallmarks per accommodation, or as a percentage of the total accommodations, or sold nights at accommodations.

For this question any amount of accommodations that have a certification for environmental sustainable practices is sufficient for a yes. Most brands are not yet clear about the number of percentage of certified accommodations, but do offer these accommodations. This needs a basic acknowledgement which we give through this question. In order to compare brands we do need clear percentages, which we ask for in the next question.


  • [Brand] offers [certification]-certified accommodation, which accounts for [amount/percentage of total].
  • [Brand] has set up its own system for certifying its suppliers' sustainability performance levels and provides clear reports on its implementation.


  • [Brand] clearly states that it does not offer any environmentally certified accommodation.


  • [Brand] does not communicate whether it offers environmentally certified accommodation.