Tour Operators and Travel Agencies Ecology Question 1

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Does the brand (company) provide consumers with the sustainability do´s and don’t´s for the specific trip, e.g. locals customs and waste policies?

Dutch version: Geeft het merk (bedrijf) consumenten informatie over de duurzame do’s and dont’s om hun specifieke reis duurzamer te maken?

German version: Informiert der Reiseanbieter seine Kunden mit Tipps und Hinweisen zum nachhaltigen Reisen? Zum Beispiel: Ortsübliche Sitten / Gebräuche oder Müllentsorgung?


Tourism can be more damaging in some places than in others. And it can be damaging in very different ways, depending on the kind of trip. As travel agencies and tour operators sell services rather than products, they must provide sufficient information to consumers on their role as a tourist and their potential impact. This is especially important for tours that may have a relatively bigger potential impact, such as skiing or diving trips or jungle safaris. These sustainability do’s and don’t’s may differ per country and per trip. Some examples are do’s on water use in countries where local communities suffer from the lack of water (such as tips on taking less showers) or tips on how to dive in a sustainable way.

The best practice is provided by Sawadee which includes a specific sustainability paragraph for every trip it offers, see here for an example (see ‘Duurzaam Toerisme’).

Ranking guidelines


  • [brand] provides product-specific information to its consumers on […].


  • [brand] does not provide any product-specific information on its website.