Telecom Ecology Question 4

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Does the brand offer hardware appliances (such as smartphones) only with lease contracts, or does the brand have a return rate of at least 40%?

  • Dutch version: Biedt het merk (bedrijf) apparaten (zoals mobiele telefoons) alleen aan met lease contracten, of heeft het merk een 'return rate' van minimaal 40%?
  • German version: Bietet der Markenhersteller seinen Kunden Leasingverträge für alle angebotenen Geräte an? Oder beträgt die Rückgabequote bereits abgesetzter Geräte mindestens 40%?

References and Guidelines

This question is a follow-up on Telecom Ecology Question 3.

Hi sets the standard here (by offering only lease contract for its mobile subscriptions). Offering lease contracts means that the hardware appliances remain owned by the brands, which will increase the return rates. Therefore having a large (40%) retrun rate of hardware appliances is also sufficient for this question.