Telecom Climate Change Question 13

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Do all the sold and distributed power adaptors and hardware appliances meet the latest Energy Star requirements?

Dutch version: Voldoen alle verkochte en gedistribueerde adaptors en apparaten aan de laatste Energy Star eisen?

German version: Entsprechen alle verkauften und vertriebenen Ladegeräte sowie andere Hardware-Applikationen den Anforderungen des Energy Star?


This question is related to E5 of Greenpeace’s Guide to Greener Electronics. Energy Star is a governmental US hallmark on energy efficiency for many electronic products groups, and is widely used across the globe. The Energy Star requirements are generally not considered as very high, so a lot of products already meet and exceed the standards. Therefore, it is feasible for companies to function in a way that at least meets the standards of Energy Star.

With regard to the telecom sector, an important product group revolves around power adaptors, especially for new home modems and routers, as these appliances are plugged in 24 hours a day. See the Energy Star website for the list of product groups. Other hardware appliances are also important. We accept a compliance rate of at least 85% for all adaptors and hardware appliances.

Ranking guidelines

Rank ‘yes’

-When the company clearly states that at least 85% of its adaptors and appliances meet the latest Energy Star requirements.

Rank ‘?’

-When no information is given.

-When it is not clear whether all of the products meet the Energy Star requirements.

Rank ‘no’

-When less than 85% of the power adaptors of the new home modems and routers are Energy Star compliant.