Soda Labor Conditions Question 3

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Does the brand (company) purchase sugar from sources (plantations) that are certified to e.g. have no child labor and no forced labor, and provide a better living standard for the farmers and workers who produce the sugar?

  • Dutch version: Koopt het merk (bedrijf) suiker in van plantages die zijn gecertificeerd voor bijvoorbeeld het verbod op kinderarbeid en gedwongen arbeid, en het bieden van een betere levensstandaard voor de boeren en arbeiders die de suiker produceren?
  • German version: Bezieht der Markenhersteller Zucker von sozial zertifizierten Plantagen, auf denen bspw. keine Kinder, Menschen unter Zwang oder Sklaven arbeiten, ein zum Leben ausreichendes Gehalt gezahlt wird und faire Arbeitszeiten sowie Vereinigungsfreiheit zugestanden werden?

References and Guidelines

This question is actually about the use of socially certified sugarcane, since this commodity has many known social issues, such as insufficient income and income insecurity, corruption, unhealthy and unsafe working conditions and forced labor (see Fairfood). Sugar can be bought with a certification standard, such as fairtrade. See for more information on certified sugar and the approved certification systems, also see also Soda Environmental Policy Question 1.

For more background information on the purchase of socially certified sugar, see also Chocolate Labour Conditions / Fair Trade Question 1.

Brands that clearly state not to use sugar cane get a Yes on this question.

Soda brands do not communicate much on socially certified sugar yet. When they do, they do no communicate any percentages. Therefore for now, we do not target specific percentages yet. When the best practice will change for this question, we will change the question as well.