Radio, Television and Internet Media Labour Conditions and Human Rights Question 1

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Does the brand (company) have a policy to seek out suppliers and/or service providers who conduct their business with socially responsible and/or fair trade principles and do they provide concrete examples of this?

Dutch version: Voorziet het beleid van het merk (bedrijf) in sociale/ fairtrade criteria voor de handel en wandel van toeleveranciers en dienstverleners, en geeft het merk (bedrijf) hierbij concrete voorbeelden?

German version: Erklärt sich das Unternehmen bereit, Lieferanten und/oder Dienstleister zu beschäftigen, die ihre Geschäfte sozialverantwortlich und nach den Standards von fairem Handel führen? Gibt es dafür konkrete Beispiele?

References and Guidelines

Brand should mention social criteria for at least one purchasing range (like hardware, office products or catering).

For office products think of paper and furniture wood certified according to initiatives like FSC where social standards are included; For catering, think of Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance, Utz certified or otherwise socially certified catering prodcuts like coffee, tea and fruit.

Important expert organizations in the field of sustainable coffee production are represented in the Tropical Commodities Coalition (TCC). The coalition evaluates and compares the most common certification schemes for coffee, like Fair Trade, Utz and Rainforest Alliance. According to TCC, the schemes vary by nature and all have their specific strengths. After consulting experts from the Tropical Commodities Coalition, we have concluded that all these systems are better than no system, but it has by far not been proven if one system benefits coffee farmers more than others systems. Therefore, all the standards as mentioned by TCC are eligible to this question, including the Starbucks and Nespresso own company certifications.

Ranking guidelines

Only rank 'yes' when the brand (company) consumes coffee or other food and beverages products in its offices which is certified according to at least one of the certifications as mentioned by TCC. Or when the brand (company) uses office products like paper and furniture wood which is certified according to initiatives like FSC where social standards are included.