Radio, Television and Internet Media Ecology Question 1

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Is all the paper that the brand (company) uses from sustainable sources, like FSC-certified-paper?

Dutch version: Komt al het papier dat het merk (bedrijf) gebruikt van duurzame bronnen, zoals FSC-gecertificeerd papier?

German version: Stammt all das Papier, dass das Unternehmen/die Marke in seinen/ihren Büros benutzt, aus nachhaltigen Quellen (FSC-zertifiziertes Papier)?


Rank a Brand encourages companies to use paper from sustainable sources in its offices. There are various types of certification for timber and paper. In line with the British and Dutch national sustainable procurement policies we accept the FSC and PEFC certifications.

For publishers that work with the PREPS system, we acknowlegde 3, 4 and 5- star grades eligible to this question.

We also acknowledge 100% recycled paper, such as Cyclus certified paper, which guarantees that the paper is 100% recycled and which is acknowledged by the European Eco-label.

Ranking guidelines

Only rank 'yes' when the brand (company) says that all the used paper is FSC-certified.