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The How to Rank a Brand Instruction Video

The video explains how to operate the Rank a Brand system and how to navigate the Rank a Brand website. But you still need to read this manual before getting started! Important: Before you rank the brand on the website, first find all the answers to the questions and put them in a Word or Excell-document. Only when you have all the answers, rank the brand online. Otherwise the brand is visible on the website with missing answers.

Here you can find standard Excell-documents with the question lists per sector:

1. Apparel

2. Electronics

3. Travel

4. Telecom

5. Print Media

6. Radio, Television and Internet Media

Below is the transcript of the video.


Thank you for helping us. It’s volunteers like you that allow us to uphold our mission of empowering others to support socially responsible business.

Your time is valuable and we appreciate it. That’s why the ranking process is simple, quick and fun! Read on to get started and begin ranking your first brand!

Get started

By now you’ve created your profile so go ahead and log into the Rank a Brand website. This will take you to the profile page you created. Before you begin ranking a brand, you should know who you can turn to if you need help. You can find these people from the Volunteers page. On this page you’ll see a list of volunteers, just like you, that are helping us rank brands. You can visit their LinkedIn profiles or send them an email from here. If you ever have any questions these are the people you should ask.

Verifiers are also great resources when you have a question or a suggestion. You’ll find them on the Verifiers page.

Now that you know who to refer to when you have questions, let's get started. Navigate to ‘Brands I Follow”. Here you can see the list of brands you follow or have ranked. This page is helpful if you need to update a brand you ranked or if you want to see how one of the brands you are following is doing.

Your first brand

If this is the first brand you are ranking or you want to rank a new brand, click on ‘Request List’. Here, you will see a list of brands that our visitors have requested. Scroll through the list and pick one of your favorite brands or a brand that you want to learn more about. Then click on ‘Rank This Brand’ to get started. Now before you go any further, open up the company’s website of the brand you’re ranking. Put it in a new tab or window, whatever makes it easiest for you, as you’ll be going back and forth between their website and the Rank a Brand website quite often.

Now back to the Rank A Brand website. The first page you’ll see after clicking 'Rank This Brand' is the Brand Information page. On the left you’ll see it asks for the company’s logo. To upload a logo, find the company's logo from their website, and copy & save it from the website onto your desktop. If the logo cannot be copied for some reason, a simple image search on any search engine can help you or just search Copy and save the largest sized logo. Once you have saved it to your desktop, go back to the Rank a Brand website, and hit ‘Browse'. Find the logo on your desktop, and click ‘Open’. Now hit ‘Save Image’ and you should be able to see the logo.

General info

Usually you can find the information needed for this page on the company’s website under the ‘About Us’ section, or something similar. The brand owner is simply the company behind the brand. For example, Old Navy is a brand, yet it is owned by Gap, Inc. If you can’t find the brand owner, just put the brand name in there.

The head office is where the headquarters is located. Just browse within the website to find this. Usually it’s on the Contact page, but it could be anywhere on their site. Make sure you put the City and State or City and Country here, not the full address. NOTE: try to be consistent in how you enter this information. A good rule of thumb is to spell out the city name followed by a comma and the country name. For American cities, please include the abbreviation for the state. Some examples include: San Francisco, CA, USA...or...Amsterdam, The Netherlands. In general, only states should be abbreviated. City and country names should be spelled out, except for the following: USA, UK.

For the website address simply go to the ‘Home’ page and copy the address found in your address bar.

Brand categories and tags

For Sector, pick the label that best fits the brand you’re ranking. The Categories and Free Tags link the brands to more narrow sub-categories. These sub-categories ensure that the brands displayed for comparison are highly relevant.

For categories, use common sense to select one or, if you are unsure, two categories. After you've selected one or two, you can refine your selection by including free tags. These differ based on category. Please use the standard free tags suggested in each sector's 'Category and Free Tag Instructions' within this manual.

Here is an example of Free Tagging: When the brand is Apple, include Apple products that are very well-known in the Free Tags, e.g. iPod, iPhone, MacBook, etc. This ensures that the Apple brand will surface when a person searches for 'iPod' specifically.

For Target Group Age, only select age groups when the brand clearly focuses on certain group(s). When it's not clear, don't select any of the boxes.

For Price Category Tag, use common sense. When you’re not sure whether it’s Medium or High, then choose Medium to High. You can also select more than one in this category, but don't overdo it.

To continue, click ‘Next Tab’ on the bottom of the page. You MUST click this button to ensure your changes are 'parked' (or saved). If you instead use the tabs at the top, your data will be lost.

Sales regions

This page is simply asking in which regions or countries this brand is available. For larger brands and those that have online stores that ship worldwide, you can choose one or more world regions or just hit ‘Globally For Sale’. When you can thus order online in a specific country, that country can be selected as sales region. For smaller companies, select each country that their product is sold in. Usually this information can be found with the 'store locator' on the brand website. Make sure you complete this page! After you do, hit ‘Next Tab’ to park the changes. Remember, don’t use another pathway if you want to save your work.

How to SAVE before you are finished

If you need a break, no problem! You can always stop what you are doing and leave the Rank a Brand website, but if you want to start where you left off, then you need to confirm your changes before closing your browser. (Note: we do not have an "on-hold system" yet, which means that every brand will be published on the website directly; even though you are not finished and some remarks are still blanco).

To ensure your changes are saved, you MUST click on the 'Next Tab' button at the bottom of the page. On the following page, choose the option that best fits, then click 'Confirm Changes'. If you close the browser before doing so, your changes will be lost.

Remember, you MUST click ‘Confirm Changes’ through the 'Next Tab' button at the bottom of the page before you close your browser.

How to continue after saving

To continue after you've saved, go back to the 'Brands I Follow' page. You should see the brand you have started ranking. Click ‘EDIT BRAND’.

The question list

Now you’re ready for the Question List. Make sure by this point you have read through this manual and understand all its guidelines! It’s impossible to follow the question list and accurately answer the questions without reading the manual first. As you go through the question list, you should only search on the brand’s website for the answers to these questions.

Here's an example to illustrate how a brand is edited based on the question list: To begin, click on the triangle under the ‘Edit’ column of the first question. Choose one of the three answers and enter your remarks and links. After you have completed the first question, hit ‘Save’ and move onto the next. You'll see that each question has three possible answers and room for your remarks and links. Once you have completed all the questions on this page click ‘Next Tab’ to move on.

Remember, if you can’t complete this page all in one sitting, it’s ok. Just make sure you hit ‘Next Tab’ at the bottom and then ‘Confirm Changes’ before closing your browser.

Followers and confirm

The 'Followers' page shows you who is following a brand, the volunteers and verifiers of the brand and the Brand Representative. Please try to find the email address of the CSR-representative of the brand or, if you can't find this, a general email address, and mail it to If you can't find any email address, but you did find an inquiry form, please email the address of this inquiry form. So you don't have to put an email address in the follower-list. All you need to do after you've done this, is to click ‘Next Tab’ to move along, and you’re ready to confirm all your changes. Choose the last option to confirm your work, and click 'Confirm Changes'.


Please remember even if you haven’t made any changes to a brand… you MUST click on 'Confirm Changes' before leaving. This not only saves or clears all your changes (whatever option you choose), it will log you out of the brand. If you don't, other rankers and verifiers will be locked out and cannot access the brand.

Insiders' tips

When you want to rank a brand that is not in the database or request list yet, go to the footer, click 'Request', and fill out the form. After you've submitted the form, you can find the brand in the 'Request List' and begin ranking!

When you want to edit a brand that is not in your 'Brands I Follow' list, you can go to the brand profile and click on 'Follow' found just above the footer. Submit the email address you use for your Login, and then the brand will appear in your 'Brands I Follow' list.


And that’s it! Congratulations on ranking your first brand!

We hope this process has been easy and more importantly, fun for you! If you have any questions, please refer to this manual. If you have any further questions or if you have a suggestion, you can always visit us on the LinkedIn Rank A Brand Rankers Community or send an email to

Thanks again for your time and happy ranking!