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Is the overall average Power Usage Efficiency (PUE) of the data center(s) below 1,XX?
Dutch version: Is de gemiddelde energie efficiëntie (PUE) van de datacentra kleiner dan 1,XX?
German version: Liegt der PUE-Wert zur durchschnittlichen Energieeffizienz der Datenzentren unter 1,XX?


With the Cool IT report (p.24) and campaign, Greenpeace urges website companies to disclose performance-based metrics, such as disclosure of the carbon intensity of IT service per unit of data, along with facility level CUE and PUE. For the first metric (carbon intensity per unit of data) we have not found a best practice, as website companies do not report on this metric yet. This may change in the future and so may our criteria.

Until then, we ask website companies to publish their Power Usage Efficiency (PUE); a measure of how efficiently a data center uses its power; specifically, how much of the power is actually used by the computing equipment (in contrast to cooling and other overhead) [1]. PUE is the ratio of total amount of power used by a computer data center facility, to the Electric power delivered to computing equipment.

PUE was developed by a consortium called The Green Grid. PUE is the inverse of data center infrastructure efficiency (DCiE). An ideal PUE is 1.0. Anything that isn't considered a computing device in a data center (i.e. lighting, cooling, etc.) falls into the category of facility power usage.

For datacenters that re-use energy, e.g. by transporting waste heat to nearby offices, the correct measure is the Energy Reuse Effectiveness (ERE). This is the Total Energy minus Reused Energy, to the Energy used by IT. See this Green Grid document. With the reuse of energy, there is the issue of attribution; is it the data center, brand or the user (third party) of the re-usable energy that attributes this 'zero carbon' energy into the ERE value or carbon footprint? For this question we therefore only allow the correct use of PUE. Please inform the Rank a Brand Verifier in cases where you find brands reporting on re-using data center energy.

Please note that you search for the overall average PUE, the brand (company) should make clear that the presented value applies to the average of 'all' datacenter facilities, and not only the show model data centers. Alternatively, you may conclude that the company gives the overall average when a full overview of data center facilities is presented, and clearly not a portion.

Ranking & Answering Guidelines


  • [Brand] gives an overview of all used data centers with their individual PUE values. These are all below 1,XX.
  • [Brand] gives an overall PUE value of 1,XX? and declares that this is applicable to overall use of data centers.


  • [Brand] gives examples of datacenters with their PUE values over the last years, but it is not clear if this selection represents all the datacenters as used by the brand.


  • [Brand] presents an average power usage efficiency value for its data centers of over 1,XX.