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Does the brand have clear objectives to minimize the environmental impact of packaging and does the brand already show clear 'best practices' regarding more sustainable packaging?

  • Dutch version: Heeft het merk (bedrijf) duidelijke doelstellingen om de milieu-impact van verpakkingen te verminderen, en toont het merk (bedrijf) hierin al vooruitstrevende voorbeelden?
  • German version: Setzt der Markenhersteller Maßnahmen um, um den Umwelteinfluss der Produktverpackung zu verringern? Werden Best Practice Maßnahmen umgesetzt (bspw. 100% Gebrauch von umweltzertifiziertem oder recyceltem Papier)?


This question is specifically about product packaging, like the wraps and foil that is used for chocolate bars. The question is also related to aspects EN27 of the GRI Sustainability Reporting Guidelines & Food Processing Sector Supplement.

This question is added to give credit to the 'best practices' in the sector. Although 'best practices' can be defined in many ways; here we refer to significance: does the innovation/measurement apply to ALL or a significant part of the total production of the brand? The identified (possible) best practices so far (January 2016):

- Clear reduction targets for the weight of packaging,
- Achieved reduction of the packaging weight per unit of product,
- Use of (FSC or PEFC) certified cardboard and paper only,
- Use of minimally treated paper,
- No use of aluminum materials at all.

Answering Guidelines

Answer Yes:

  • [Brand] has reduced the weight of its […type] packaging material by […%] per product (See link/page...).
  • [Brand] has clear targets to reduce the weight of its […type] packaging material: [percentage] percent by 20[year]
  • [Brand] only uses FSC/PEFC certified paper for the chocolate packaging

Answer No:

  • [Brand] explicitly says not to [...] (see link/page...).

Answer ?:

  • [Brand] does not communicate any information about its sustainable packaging policy. Sustainability information should be easily accessible for consumers to make responsible choices.