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Does the brand have a policy to seek out suppliers and/or service providers that conduct their business in environmentally responsible ways and does the brand provide concrete examples of this policy?

Dutch version: Voorziet het beleid van het merk (bedrijf) in milieucriteria voor de handel en wandel van toeleveranciers en dienstverleners, en geeft het merk (bedrijf) hierbij concrete voorbeelden?

German version: Beinhalten die Beschaffungsstandards des Markenherstellers Umweltkriterien zur Beauftragung von Lieferanten und/oder Dienstleistern?


Brand should mention environmental criteria for at least 2 out of 3 identified groups:
- office furniture
- paper
- food

For office furniture think of furniture wood certified according to initiatives like FSC where environmental standards are included, or cradle to cradle certifications
For paper, it is required to meet the (obsolete) print media criteria for 100% sustainable paper: Print Media Ecology Question 1
For catering, think of Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance, Utz certified or otherwise environmentally certified catering prodcuts like coffee, tea and fruit: Restaurant Chains#Questions about Environmental Policy.

---Important--- For other possible best practices and concrete examples regarding environmental criteria for suppliers and service providers that you come accross, please report them specifically to the verifier.

Ranking Guidelines

- Rank ‘Yes’ when the brand has met the above requirements.
- Rank ‘?’ when the information is not found on the website or when not enough detailed information has been provided.
- Rank ‘No’ when the brand has clearly stated that they do NOT take this information into account.

Answering Guidelines

- (Brand) does not provide information on its policy for (...), if there is one, through its website. Sustainability information should be easily accessible for consumers to make responsible choices.