Generic Carbon Emissions Question 8

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Does the brand (company) publish the annual carbon footprint that also covers the major suppliers, and does the brand have an effective policy in place to reduce these carbon emissions?
NL: Publiceert het merk (bedrijf) een 'CO2-voetafdruk' die ook de toeleveranciers in de productieketens omvat en heeft het merk een actief beleid om deze te verkleinen?
DE: Veröffentlicht der Markenhersteller eine absolute Klimabilanz der Produktionskette? Setzt der Markenhersteller Maßnahmen um, um Treibhausgasemissionen innerhalb der Produktionskette zu reduzieren, minimieren und/oder kompensieren?


This question is a follow up on Generic Carbon Emissions Question 7 to give more binding requirements on brands policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the supply chain, and to give better proof of effectiveness of those policies.

For a positive assessment fulfilling at least 2 of the following aspects is required:
1. Measuring the climate footprints of major direct suppliers (at least tier 1), and publishing this in an integrated supplier climate footprint.
2. Describe which percentage of total annual purchase these supplier represent.
3. Describe clear programs to stimulate suppliers to reduce the annual climate footprint (i.e. by reward systems, supplier preferences, training and etc.)
4. Give proof of effectiveness, by showing a reduced climate footprint over time.

Good practices are presented by Lenovo Group (see link, page 19 & 80-84).