Generic Carbon Emissions Question 6

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Does the brand (company) generate its own renewable energy through e.g. solar panels or wind mills?

  • Dutch version: Wekt het merk (bedrijf) zelf hernieuwbare energie op door bv. zonnepanelen of windmolens?
  • German version: Erzeugt der Markenhersteller erneuerbare Energie aus eigenen Quellen (z.B. Wind- oder Solarenergie)?


This question only targets the (on-site) generation of renewable energy by the brands themselves. By now we do not ask for a specific percentage here. However, requirements in terms of 'additionality' and types of renewable energy must be consisted with specification at Generic Carbon Emissions Question 5.

Note: also on-site renewable energy generation of e.g. biomass or bio-natural-gas (for thermal energy) can be considered eligible for a positive assessment.

A good practice example for this question is Deutsche Telekom that has equipped around 600 of its technology sites with solar power systems, effective by 2014.

Ranking Guidelines

Rank 'Yes'

- If brand (owner) generates renewable energy on-site
- If brand (owner) does not generate renewable energy on-site, but sources renewable energy for electricity and thermal energy only

Rank 'No'

- If brand (owner) does not generate renewable energy on-site

Rank '?'

- If brand (owner) does not specify whether they generate renewable energy on-site