Generic Carbon Emissions Question 16

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Has the webshop achieved a return rate of XX% (for clothing and shoes XX%) at highest?
NL: Heeft de webshop een terugstuur percentage bereikt dat kleiner is dan XX% van de verkochte producten (voor kleding en schoenen kleiner dan XX%)?
DE: Kann der Markenhersteller eine Retourrate unter XX% aufweisen (XX% bei Kleidung und Schuhe)?


See Generic Carbon Emissions Question 15 for references.

Here, we ask for a concrete performance level expressed in percentages, such as a return rate of 25% (for clothing and shoes 50%). As e-commerce brands generally lack transparency about return rates, we have made a 'best guess' to set the ranking levels in these criteria, based on the available literature. As webshops become more transparent, we will be able to adopt more precise performance levels in the criteria to divide front runners from laggards.

Please note that the percentage for clothing and footwear has to be reported separately to answer this questions.