Generic Carbon Emissions Question 11

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Has the webshop reduced the average carbon emissions per package as sent out to consumers?
NL: Heeft de webshop de gemiddelde CO2 uitstoot per pakket verminderd, aangaande het transport naar de consument?
DE: Wurden die durchschnittlichen Treibhausgasemissionen je Kundenbelieferung reduziert?


Unlike the previous question, here we ask for the average carbon emissions per delivered package. This means that this question can only be answered if the company (webshop) has published information for at least 2 years on this KPI: note that numerical data should be reported. If the company claims certain reductions or higher efficiency without disclosing the actual performance on this KPI, this question cannot be answered other than with a question mark.

We encourage webshops to give an average performance for all packages and the numbers per product group, because of high variation in product volumes (e.g. for furniture and books the expected emissions are very different as volumes of the packages differ). A breakdown into product groups can possibly be used in our future rankings to compare the actual carbon emissions efficiency performance between webshops based on best practices per product group.