Generic Carbon Emissions Question 10

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Has the webshop reduced the absolute carbon footprint of all transport from and to the consumers?
NL: Heeft de webshop haar absolute CO2 voetafdruk voor al het transport van en naar de consument verminderd?
DE: Wurden die gesamten Treibhausgasemissionen des Kundenversands reduziert?


This question asks for absolute reductions regardless organic business growth. For structural changes and other tips&tricks regarding the interpretation of reduction of carbon emissions, see Generic Carbon Emissions Question 3.

Please note that this question can only be answered if the company (webshop) has published at least 2 annual carbon footprints for the 'last mile' issue within the Scope 3 carbon emissions, in order to compare if there is a reduction or increase. If the company claims reductions or higher efficiency without disclosing the carbon footprint, this question cannot be answered other than with a question mark.