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Does the brand (company) have a published list of direct suppliers that have collectively contributed to more than 90% of the purchase volume?

Dutch version: Heeft het merk (bedrijf) een lijst van fabrieken gepubliceerd die samen meer dan 90% van het inkoopvolume vertegenwoordigen?

German version: Hat die Marke/das Unternehmen eine Liste der Direktanbieter veröffentlicht, die gemeinschaftlich mehr als 90 Prozent des Einkaufsvolumens beitragen?


One of the ultimate (and unusual) ways to boost transparency is to share the final assembly supplier list with other brands or even better, to make the list public online. HP is one of the few electronic brands that has done so, and that is why we endorse this gesture as a ‘best practice’.

Ranking guidelines

You can reward a ‘Yes’ if the list is not older than 2,5 years and is likely to cover more than 90% of the brand’s total production (final assembly suppliers) of that reported year.

Note: For now it is not necessary that the brand publishes addresses of the suppliers, but this will be probably be added to the criteria in the nearby future.

Answering guidelines


-This list covers all active final assembly suppliers (see link).

-This list most likely covers 90% of (brand)'s total production on final assembly production stage (see link).


-(brand) explicitly says it does not publish the names and contact details of its final assembly suppliers (e.g. for competition reasons) (see page ...).


-Not found on (brand) website.

-No list of final assembly production stage factories found on ... website, though countries are mentioned on (section on website).