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Does the brand (company) source at least 5% of its plastics from recycled plastic streams and does it give a clear timeline to increase this percentage to at least 25% by 2025?

  • Dutch version: Is minimaal 5% van alle plastics afkomstig van gerecyclede bronnen, en volgt het merk (bedrijf) een tijdspad om dit in 2025 tot minimaal 25% te op te voeren?
  • German version: Bezieht die Marke/das Unternehmen zumindest fünf Prozent ihres Plastiks aus aufbereitetem Material und macht die Marke eindeutige Angaben, ob sie diesen Anteil bis 2025 auf mindestens 25 Prozent erhöhen will?


This question relates to P3 of Greenpeace’s Guide to Greener Electronics version 18 from November 2013. Currently, it is possible for companies to recycle different types of plastic into new products. By using this method, a smaller amount of virgin plastic is needed in the production process, less waste is produced and less energy is used. It is possible that you will come across the terms ‘post-industrial recycled plastic’ and ‘post-consumer recycled plastic’. The first means plastic which is diverted out of the production process (plastic waste) and the second relates to plastic used from products that are discarded. Both types are eligible to this question.

Ranking guidelines

Rank ‘Yes’ when:

  • The company already sources at least 5% from recycled plastic streams and gives a timeline how this can be increased to at least 25% in 2025. Note that the year and percentage don’t have to be precisely the same, the goal of 20% reduction for 2020 is also a ‘Yes’, also 15% in 2014, etc. Please quote the year and percentage in your remark.

Rank ‘?’ when:

  • No information is given or when there is no timeline.

Rank ‘No’ when:

  • The percentage of recycled plastic is below 5%
  • The percentage given in the timeline is below 25% in 2025.
  • The year given in the timeline is after 2025 (and the percentage is 2% or lower). For example, when a reduction of 15% is scheduled for 2022, this is not sufficient.

If available, please quote the year and percentage in your remark.