Electronics and ICT hardware Climate Change Question 5

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Do all new products of the brand meet energy efficiency requirements such as Energy Star (where applicable)?

Dutch version: Voldoen alle nieuwe producten van het merk (bedrijf) aan de eisen voor energie efficientie zoals Energy Star (waar van toepassing)?

German version: Entsprechen alle neuen Produkte der Marke den Anforderungen des Energy Star-Gütezeichens (wenn zutreffend)?


Computers, TV's and mobile devices including chargers use electricity. As brands are selling millions of electronic devices, it is highly desirable that the energy efficiency for the user phase is maximized to avoid unnecessary energy use with consequent carbon emissions.

This question is based on issue P1 of Greenpeace’s Guide to Greener Electronics version 18 from November 2012. Click 'ranking criteria' in the box on the right side of the page. On page 6 of the document you find the requirements.

Please note that for mobile phone chargers the no-load power should be no more than 0,15W, meaning that level VI of the International Efficiency Marking Protocol for External Power Supplies is eligible for this question (this is more strict than Greenpeace requirements!), and IN ADDITION also also level IV and V of the EU IPP Voluntary Agreement rating is considered eligible for this question. See the EU website, scroll to the bottom of the page to find the IPP voluntary agreements criteria in pdf.

Rank a Brand researchers are not supposed to evaluate each product in the brands webshops against the standards. It may be assumed that when brands have a clear policy towards the goal of more product efficiency, the progress of the policy will be summarized and reported by the brand e.g. in the CSR reports or the CSR pages on the website, and with clear KPI's that refer to one or more of the here listed standards. In case a brand refers to other standards, please contact your verifier to evaluate the eligibility.

Ranking guidelines

Rank ‘Yes’
- When the company clearly states that all products comply with the Energy Star requirements or other standards eligible to this question.

Rank ‘?’
- If no information is given.
- If no integrated information is given about all products which can meet Energy Star requirements.

Rank ‘No’
- If less than all products are Energy Star compliant (for example, when 60% of all chargers meet the Energy Star requirements, rank ‘No’.)


– This information is sometimes published in a CSR report on the brand owner website (try using keywords to find it quickly), however, this info might also be found on the brand website (sometimes per brand).

Keywords might include: energy, energy star, efficiency, etc.