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Has the brand (company) banned the use of benzene and n-hexane in the final assembly of products?
NL: Heeft het merk benzeen en n-hexaan uitgebannen in de assemblage van haar producten?
DE: Hat der Markenhersteller den Gebrauch von Benzol und n-Hexan aus der Endfertigung der Geräte ausgeschloßen?


The Good Electronics Network reports on sevaral occupational cancer and death cases in China and South Korea that have been caused by benzene and n-hexane in electronics manufacturing plants. The problems are directly linked to brands as Samsung and Apple. Local and international groups campaign against the use of those toxins in the supply chains, see e.g. the Ban Benzene campaign.

Apple is the first brand to ban benzene and n-hexane from the final assembly of its products. Apple is requiring all its factories to test all substances to ensure that they don't contain benzene or n-hexane, even if the chemicals aren't listed in the ingredients. Read further here.

The next step would be to ban these substances from the full supply chains, as campaign group SACOM indicates.