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Has the brand (company) an active policy in place to increase the product life-span of products, such as longer warranty periods or easy repair with easy ordering of spare parts?
NL: Heeft het merk (bedrijf) een actief beleid om de levensduur van producten te verlengen, zoals door het aanbieden van een langere garantietermijn of eenvoudige reparatie met het eenvoudig kunnen bestellen van reserve-onderdelen?
DE: Setzt der Markenhersteller Maßnahmen um, um die Lebensdauer der Produkte zu erhöhen? Bspw. längere Garantiezeiten, einfache Wartungs-, Reparatur- und / oder Anpassungsmöglichkeiten?


This question relates to P4 of Greenpeace’s Guide to Greener Electronics version 18 from November 2012. Click 'ranking criteria' in the box on the right side of the Greenpeace webpage. On page 9 of the document you find the Greenpeace requirements and more background information. Most brands show in their Life Cycle Analysis that the majority of the environmental impact of electronics lies in the production phase. According to Greenpeace, "Many of the environmental impacts associated with electronics are exacerbated by the increasingly short life cycles of products." The longer a product lasts, the lesser products need to be made, the lower the environmental impact. Strategies and policy features for longer product life span are for example, and not limited to:

- Use replaceable batteries in all portable devices
- Online repair manuals for all products (supposed that the devices are built in modules and that common tools can be used)
- Guarantee availability of supply of spare parts and software updates for all products, for a certain period of time after end of production
- Longer warranty periods, indicating that products are designed for longer life span

Best Practices are presented by:

- Fairphone uses replaceable batteries only, provides spare parts (however, not clear for what period), and provides a repair manual 1

- Dell provides repair manuals 1

No brand has a clear policy for longer warranty periods.