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At the first page from every brand profile online you can indicate, whether a brand offers garments for Males, Females, Kids and / or Baby's. This you can via the check mark boxes next to the "tag words field". Thereby you choose:

1. Male
2. Female
3. Kids
4. Baby

Tag instructions

Brand owner specification

Some brands belong to a group, such as Bestseller, H&M Group or Inditex. If a brand ranked belongs to such a group, then use as a first tag word the name of the corresponding brand owner.

Example: H&M is part H&M Group, so you use "H&M Group" as the first tag word.

Store brand specification

Some fashion retailers, such as H&M or C&A own popular store brands. Such brands aren't ranked by us. However, our users might directly search for brands like Divided from H&M Group or Yessica from C&A. To direct them to the respective owner of the store brand add the name(s) of popular store brands like Divided or Yessica as a tag word.

Example: Yessica is a popular store brand from C&A, so you add "Yessica" as tag word.

Product type specification

Fashion brands sell different types of textile products. If applicable, please fill in the following tag words into the "tag words field" at the first page on a brand's profile page online:

- Bags
- Pullover
- Shirts
- Suits
- Jackets
- Jeans
- Dress
- Shoes
- Boots

Final examples, as online:

Zara (belongs to a group): Inditex, Bags, Pullover, Shirts, Suits, Jackets, Jeans, Dress, Shoes, Boots
Zeeman (not belonging to a group): Shirts, Jackets, Jeans