Beer Environmental Policy Question 4

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Does the brand source at least 50% of its raw materials locally?

  • Dutch version: Betrekt het merk (bedrijf) minimaal 50% van de grondstoffen uit de regio van de brouwerij(en)?
  • German version: Bezieht die Marke/das Unternehmen mindestens 50% der Rohstoffe aus der Region der Brauerei?


Local sourcing is defined as “procuring raw materials from within national boundaries” for this question. Local sourcing has of late been driven by the need to reduce carbon foot prints by ‘relocalising globalised food systems’[1], through reducing imports and food miles.Benefits of reducing food miles include reduced energy use and carbon emissions, in addition to economic benefits.The definition of 'local' has been debated [2]. However for this question, the benchmark is related to best practices by Dutch top 10 brand Gulpener, which sources all raw materials within 50 kilometres of its main operations.

Ranking guidelines

A ‘Yes’ is applicable when:

  • The brand or company states that they source 50% or more of their raw materials from within the country where their headquarters is located.

A ‘No’ is applicable when:

  • The brand/company states that they source less than 50% of their raw materials locally.
  • The brand/company states that the do not source their raw materials locally.

A ‘?’ is applicable when:

  • The brand or company does not state the origin of their raw materials.
  • The brand/company does not mention the percentage of raw materials sourced locally.

Answering guidelines

Answer Yes:

  • The brand/company states that [...%] of their raw materials is sourced locally.

Answer No:

  • The brand/company sources [...%]of their raw materials locally.
  • The brand/company states that they source their raw materials from [...]. Origin of raw materials is beyond the area defined as local in this question.