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Does the brand have clear objectives to minimize the environmental impact of product packaging or does the brand already show clear 'best practices' regarding more sustainable packaging?

  • Dutch version: Heeft het merk (bedrijf) duidelijke doelstellingen om de milieu-impact van productverpakkingen te verminderen, of toont het merk (bedrijf) hierin al vooruitstrevende voorbeelden?
  • German version: Setzt der Markenhersteller Maßnahmen um, um den Umwelteinfluss der Produktverpackung zu verringern? Werden Best Practice Maßnahmen umgesetzt (bspw. 100%-iger Gebrauch von umweltzertifiziertem oder recyceltem Papier)?


See references at the Beer Environmental Policy Question 10. This question is added to give credit to the 'best practices' in the sector. Although 'best practices' can be defined in many ways; here we refer to significance: does the innovation/measurement apply to ALL or a significant part of the total production of the brand? The identified best practices so far (September 2016):

- Clear reduction targets for climate emissions of packaging (Bavaria beer, see page 8))
- Use of (FSC or PEFC) certified cardboard and paper (Grolsch beer see p.26, for all packaging cartons, not clear for labels)
- Use of lighter weight crown-cap (Grolsch beer see p.26)
- Percentage of beer packaged in re-usable bottles and kegs is high (over 90% by Duvel beer, Leeuw beer, Rothaus).
- A packaging policy that includes reporting on clear Key Performance Indexes (KPI's) that relate to totals of packaging materials or packaging volumes/weight per unit of sold product. Best practices: Neumarkter Lammsbräu, Heineken, Carlsberg Group.

Ranking Guidelines

A ‘Yes’ is applicable when:

  • The brand/company reports at least one of the here above listed items.

A ‘No’ is applicable when:

  • The brand/company explicitly and clearly has no policy to reduce packaging materials.

A ‘?’ is applicable when:

  • The brand/company does not publish the packaging volumes/weights, or the brand does not publish concrete goals or best practices to reduce the environmental impact of packaging.

Answering guidelines



  • [Brand] explicitly says not to [...] (see link/page...).


  • [Brand] does not communicate any information about the take back, material use and / or weight reduction goals/initiatives/actions for its product packaging.
  • [Brand] does not specify whether any measures implemented concerning take back, material use and / or weight reduction can be considered best practice.