Beer Climate Change Question 9

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Is at least 10% of the brand (company) consumption of energy derived from renewable sources?

  • Dutch version: Is tenminste 10% van het totale energieverbruik van het merk (bedrijf) afkomstig van hernieuwbare bronnen?
  • German version: Stammen mindestens 10% des kompletten Energieverbrauchs der Marke/des Unternehmens aus erneuerbaren Quellen?


This question relates to aspect EN16 and EN18 of the GRI Sustainability Reporting Guidelines & Food Processing Sector Supplement

Beer companies can choose to generate or purchase green electricity and recapture biogas (methane) from waste water. The benchmark of 10% is based on the 'better practices' among the large brewers in the sector, that prove it this percentage is already well feasible for each beer company. Grolsch uses 18% renewable energy that is produced only at their own biogas facility, the purchase of green electricity is not even included, see our Grolsch score report Environment Question 9.

Concerning renewable electricity, the stipulations in Generic Carbon Emissions Question 5 should be met to award a 'yes', THIS INCLUDES that the company mentions the specific source(s) of the green electricity.

Note: this question is about energy for heat / thermal and electricity.

Ranking guideline

A ‘Yes’ is applicable when:

  • The brand/company uses at least 10% energy from renewable sources.

A ‘No’ is applicable when:

  • The brand/company uses less than 10% energy from renewable sources.

A ‘?’ is applicable when:

  • The brand does not publish the percentage of its energy that is renewable.

Answering guidelines

Answer Yes:

  • [Brand] uses […%] energy from renewable sources (see link/page...).

Answer No:

  • [Brand] uses […%] energy from renewable sources. Brand performance is below the average for the beer sector.
  • [Brand] explicitly says not to [...] (see link/page...).

Answer ?:

  • [Brand] does not communicate any information about the percentage of its energy that is obtained from renewable sources on its website. Sustainability information should be easily accessible for consumers to make responsible choices.