Automotive Labour Conditions Question 3

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Does the brand annually report on the results of its labour conditions policy?

Dutch version: Rapporteert het bedrijf jaarlijks over de resultaten van het beleid voor goede arbeidsomstandigheden?

German version: Berichtet das Unternehmen jährlich über die Ergebnisse des Verhaltenskodexes, den es verfolgt?


Please note that this question and references correspond to Telecom Labour Conditions and Human Rights Question 4. Having a code and policy is one thing; to implement it is another thing. The size of generated paperwork is not always the best indicator. But to get a notion of how serious a company is on its way to improve labour practices, there should at least be a description of the process and results. Although still immature, Fiat is best in class and sets the benchmark for this question.

Ranking guidelines

A ‘Yes’ is applicable when all the brand products and parts are made in ‘low risk’ countries.

A ‘Yes’ goes to brands that publish a list of suppliers that is likely to cover more than 90% of the brand’s total production and purchases of the last reported year. The list should at least cover the name and place of the supplier.

Note: For now it is not necessary that the brand publishes addresses of the suppliers, but this will probably be added to the criteria in the near future.

A ‘Yes’ goes to brands that give a clear and reasonable overview of their labour conditions policy and implementation at both own operations and suppliers. At least it should include the number and region of factories covered by the policy / Code of Conduct in relation to the total production and purchase volume. The production volume should also be broken down in terms of certified / audited / monitored percentages by collective initiative or certification system. The report should give a detailed description with at least the audit process, grievance procedures, capacity building efforts, non compliance findings and remediation efforts.

When you are in doubt if a brand meets the above guideline criteria, you can enter a ‘don't know’ with a motivation on what makes you doubt.

Note that information related to this question should not be older than 2.5 years (for example, if it is now August 2010, the information should cover year 2008 or a later period).

Please mention in the remark section exactly where you found the statements.