Automotive Ecology Question 3

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“Does the brand report on the emission of air pollutants from its own operations, including owned facilities?”

Dutch version: “Rapporteert het merk over de uitstoot van luchtvervuilende stoffen door de eigen bedrijfsvoering inclusief de eigen fabrieken?”

German version: Berichtet das Unternehmen über Luftverschmutzung seiner eigenen Geschäftsbereiche und Fertigungsanlagen?


This question awards automotive brands that report on the air emission of pollutants from their own operations including owned facilities as meant in EN20 of the G3 guideline of the Global Reporting Initiative. This question awards brands that report as such.

We choose to make this a ‘reporting’ question and therefore have not set any specific emission targets since the act of reporting can be considered as a ‘best practice’.

In conjunction with the question on smog, we will require brands to report at least on NOx, Particulate Matter and VOC (HC).

Please note that for this question we look specifically at the brand's level, so information on the conglomerate's website is only accountable when the conglomerate specifically refers to the brand.

Ranking guidelines

Rank Yes:

- When automotive brands report on the emission of the stated pollutants.

Rank ?:

- When information on this cannot be found or is unclear, or incomplete.

Rank No:

- When automotive brands explicitly choose not to publish this information.