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NOTE THAT WE HAVE PUT THIS QUESTION TEMPORARILY ON 'INACTIVE' as brands are performing poorly on the previous question, that is consequently set as the benchmark. Below the question as intended:
“Does the brand disclose an overview of smog forming exhaust gas emissions per km of each car type, and does the fleet meet the Euro 5 emission standard?”

Dutch version: “Geeft het merk een overzicht van de uitstoot van smog vormende uitlaatgassen per km van alle modellen en voldoet de volledige catalogus aan de Euro 5 emissienormen?”

German version: (inaktiv) Veröffentlicht das Unternehmen für jeden Autotypen, wie hoch die jeweiligen Abgasemissionen pro Kilometer sind? Erfüllt der komplette Fahrzeugpark des Unternehmens die Euro Fünf Emissionsstandards?


See also the references to the previous question. The Euro 5 emission standards will entail a drastic reduction of NOx emission and Particulate Matter (PM) for petrol and diesel engines. Soot will be reduced by 80%, thereby making a soot filter inevitable. See link: [1] (sorry, in Dutch).

The emission standard will be fully applicable to all new cars sold on the EU market by 1st January 2011. Please note that this question can be changed over time to better reflect best practices in the sector.

Ranking guidelines

Rank Yes:

- When automotive brands report on the exhaust gases of each car type and when the car fleet meets the Euro 5 emission standards.

Rank ?:

- When information on this cannot be found or is unclear. Also make sure that the full car fleet is taken into consideration by the brand; when in doubt mark ‘?’.

Rank No:

- When brands explicitly state that they do not want to disclose this information.