Automotive Climate Change Question 6

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"Has the brand achieved an average CO2 emission of 160 grams per kilometer (g/km) or lower for its European car fleet?"

Dutch version: "Heeft het merk een gemiddelde uitstoot van CO2 van 160 gram per kilometer (g/km) of lager gerealiseerd voor de Europese vloot?"

German version: Hat das Unternehmen bereits einen durchschnittlichen CO2-Ausstoß von 160 Gramm pro Kilometer (g/km) für seine Europäische Flotte erreicht?


For the working definition of a ‘car’, see the references for the previous question.

Some brands claim a fleet average carbon emission per km in their communications. Normally this is the annual sales-weighted number, so the average based on the sold cars for a certain year, see also the EU documentation. For this question, the average should be valid for Europe or global sales numbers.

For transparency and consistency in questions 5, 6, 7 and 8, car brands should be reporting (at the brand level) on their European fleet averages on their own websites. However, there are a number of resources available to verify the brand claims:

1) EU Commission Website and 2009 Monitoring Report

2) "How Clean are Europe's Cars (2011 edition)" Transport & Environment.

Remind that for reasons of transparency we ONLY use information as reported on the brand (company) website. Above mentioned sources are for checking company claims only. Also note that the calculation method of the EU is eligible to this question, while the contribution of zero-rating and supercredits for electric cars to the fleet average is under debate.

Please note that for this question we look specifically for the brand's car fleet average. so information on the conglomerate's website is best accountable when the conglomerate specifically refers to the brand's car fleet average. In case only the conglomerate fleet average is given (e.g. PSA for Citroën and Peugeot), those are applicable to all car brands in the conglomerate. Fot the case, please do clearly mention in the remark section that you only found the conglomerate average, and not the specific brand average.

Ranking guidelines

Rank Yes: - When brands have achieved this objective.

Suggested standard answering options include:
- If the brand has provided this information and it is "sales-weighted" (see question 5 for an explanation of this):
"[Brand] reports a sales-weighted car fleet average of [___] g/km for [applicable year] in [regions included in calculation - if known]."

Rank ?: - When the needed information cannot be found or retrieved, or when the catalogue average is higher than 160 g/km.

Rank No: - When the brand has a g/km sales weighted average for its car fleet that is higher than 160 g/km.