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“Does the brand clearly give the carbon emission or fuel efficiency rates for all models on its website?”

Dutch version: “Vermeldt het bedrijf duidelijk de CO2 uitstoot en brandstofefficiëntie van alle modellen op haar website?”

German version: Veröffentlicht das Unternehmen den CO2-Ausstoß seiner Modelle sowie ihren Benzinverbrauch auf seiner Internetseite?


The EU Directive 1999/94/EC (adoption December 1999) requires that information related to the CO2 emission or fuel efficiency is disclosed to the general public. The provision of such information can be done through the following methods [1]

• Attaching a fuel consumption and CO2 emissions label to the car;
• Producing a fuel consumption and CO2 emissions guide;
• Displaying posters in car showrooms;
• Including fuel consumption and CO2 emissions data in promotional material.

The EU Energy Labeling Directive (adoption November 2010) furthermore obliges manufacturers, including automotive brands, to grade their products on an energy scale from A to G, A being most energy efficient and G being least energy inefficient.

The EU Directive states that promotional material may include advertisements in newspapers, posters and brochures. It is good practice to also consider websites of automotive brands as promotional material. The overwhelming majority of websites have dedicated a substantial section to the car brand’s car fleet, including flashy pictures and technical data. Information on CO2 emission of fuel efficiency should also be easily accessible.

Please note that providing the energy efficiency data of plug-in (semi-) electric cars and fuel cell cars will be required for this question also, as the market further develops.

Please note that for this question we look specifically at the brand's level, so information on the conglomerate's website is only accountable when the conglomerate specifically refers to the brand.

Ranking Guidelines

Rank Yes:

- When brands provide the information as mentioned in the question. Brands can maintain their own reporting method. Here you can find a variety of energy label examples that are equally valid as long as the CO2 emission rates are mentioned on the label.

‘Clearly’ here means easy, so not hidden in the corner of a website. As a rule of thumb, we say that one click after the car model page on a brand website should be a hit. As a representative sample, we should at least check if the information are on the .nl, .de and websites of brands, for a ‘Yes’ to be awarded.

Rank ?:

- When information is not found, when the promotional section of cars cannot be found, when it needs clearly more than 1 click to get information about carbon emissions per type.

Rank No:

- When brands do not report on the CO2 emissions or fuel efficiency of their cars.