Automotive Climate Change Question 13

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“Has the brand developed a prototype car that has a CO2 emission of 70 grams per kilometer (g/km) or lower?”

Dutch version: “Heeft het merk een prototype auto ontwikkeld met een CO2 uitstoot van 70 gram per kilometer (g/km) of lager?”

German version: Hat das Unternehmen ein Musterauto entwickelt, das einen CO2-Ausstoß von 70 Gramm pro Kilometer (g/km) oder weniger hat?


Please see references at Question 11.

Note that this question refers to a prototype car. A prototype has the potential to become part of the car fleet. This question therefore aims to reward the research and development of automotive brands in CO2 emission reduction initiatives.

Please note that for this question we look specifically at the brand's level, so information on the conglomerate's website is only accountable when the conglomerate specifically refers to the brand.

Ranking guidelines

Rank Yes:

- When the brand has a prototype car with a CO2 emission of 70 g/km or lower.

In the case where a brand has already included a car with 70 g/km CO2 emission or lower in its sales catalogue, a ‘Yes’ can also be awarded.

Rank ?:

- When information on this cannot be found or is unclear.

Rank No?:

- When brands state that the CO2 emission of their prototype cars are higher than 70g/km.