Automotive Climate Change Question 10

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“Has the brand (or Group) achieved a 10% CO2 emission reduction of the car fleet average in the last five years?”

Dutch version: “Heeft het merk (of concern) een de gemiddelde CO2 uitstoot de auto vloot in de afgelopen 5 jaar tenminste met 10% gereduceerd?”

German version: Hat das Unternehmen den durchschnittlichen CO2-Ausstoß seines kompletten Fahrzeugparks in den vergangenen fünf Jahren um zehn Prozent gesenkt?


See references for the former question.

Ranking guidelines

Rank Yes:

- When the company has already reduced its car fleet average by 10% from an earlier year. The ‘earlier year’ is the year where the footprint was largest, counted from a base year five years ago or later. For example, when you rank in 2009, the base year should be 2004 or later. The ‘year of reduction’ is the latest year for which the fleet average is made available. Note that this fleet average should not be older than 1.5 years (for example if it is now April 2010, the footprint should cover at least 2008, preferably 2009).

Rank ?:

- When no (clear) information is given.

Rank ‘No’:

- When the reduction is below 10%.