Apparel & Footwear Climate Change Question 1

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Is there a policy for the brand to minimize, reduce or compensate carbon emissions?

  • Dutch version: Heeft het merk (bedrijf) enig beleid om de eigen CO2 uitstoot te beperken of te compenseren?
  • German version: Reduziert, minimiert und/oder kompensiert der Markenhersteller die betriebseigenen Treibhausgasemissionen?


This question is in line with the EU’s commitment to stop the rising trend of emissions and to prevent the most severe impacts of climate change. More information is provided on the EU website. This question also relates to aspect EN18 of the GRI standards of the Global Reporting Initiative.

‘Own operations’ are defined by ‘Scopes 1 & 2’ of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol; referring to emissions from the sources that are owned or controlled by the company, for example, owned and leased offices, vehicles, factories and shops; all including the used electricity. Staff flights/travel are often also included here as part of the footprint (though it's technically reported as Scope 3 emissions).

This question is probably the easiest of the entire list and should help brands make the first step. It is meant to encourage stragglers to be more transparent, and take action, even if the steps are small. With this question we do not consider the policy in terms of quantity, only in terms of concreteness: there should be at least a short description of goals, actions and outcomes.

Ranking guidelines

You can reward a ‘Yes’ to a company that describes goals (e.g. ‘reduce carbon emissions’), actions (e.g. ‘compensate the CEO’s intercontinental flights’) or outcomes (‘plant 100 trees planted, saving 1t of CO2’). For this question, the range of actions is not measured, so any small policy or action is counted as ‘Yes’.

Please mention in the remark section where you found the information to support your answer.

Answering guidelines


  • [Brand] has taken several policy measures to reduce carbon emissions, such as [...] (see link/page..)


  • [Brand] explicitely says not to [...] (see link/page...)


  • [Brand] aims to [... (e.g. ' minimise the effects on the environment's and the earth's natural resources ' )], but does not provide any clear [policies/actions/initiatives*] on reducing carbon emissions (see link/page).
  • [Brand] does not communicate any information on a carbon emissions policy on its website. Sustainability information should be easily accessible for consumers to make responsible choices.

-* You can pick the topic that applies to 'your' brand.