Telecom Ecology Question 3

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Does the brand (company) offer lease contracts for the hardware appliances such as smartphones?

  • Dutch version: Biedt het merk (bedrijf) lease contracten aan voor de apparaten, zoals smartphones?
  • German version: Bietet der Markenhersteller seinen Kunden Leasingverträge für die angebotenen Geräte an?

References and Guidelines

Lots of hardware appliances such as mobile phones and modems never get to be recycled because consumers do not return them, and they end up in bins. For example in the USA fewer than 20% of mobile phones are recycled each year, with an estimated 130 million mobile phones ending up in U.S. landfills this year [1].

By offering lease contracts for its hardware appliances, companies remain the owner of the appliances that are offered. This means that customers need to return their appliances at the end of their subscriptions, which will increase the return rates. The KPN (KPN, Telfort and Hi) brands are the first mobile phone brands in the Netherlands that offer lease contract to its customers, with Hi even offering only lease contracts for its mobile phone subscriptions.

Because offering lease contracts is ot a common practice in the telecom sector yet (except for the internet providers), we do not ask for a specific percentage here.