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Does the webshop have a policy to increase the assortment of environmentally preferred products, such as organic food, FSC certified paper for books and furniture, or progressive environmental standards for the production of clothing and electronics?
NL: Heeft de webshop een beleid om het assortiment meer milieuvriendelijk te maken, bijvoorbeeld met biologische voeding, FSC gecertificeerd papier voor boeken of milieueisen aan de productie voor kleding en elektronica?
DE: Trifft der Markenhersteller Maßnahmen, um den Sortimentsanteil umweltfreundlich hergesteller Produkte zu erhöhen? Bspw. umweltzertifizierte Lebensmittel, FSC-zertifizierte Rohstoffe für Bücher oder Möbel oder progressive Produktionsstandards für Kleidung oder Technik.


As any retailer, webshops have a choice in the assortment that is offered to consumers. With this question we want to challenge the webshops to review their assortment and offer a clear written policy to increase the environmentally preferred product range.

The examples of 'environmentally preferred products' mentioned in the question will be extended based on the findings in this first edition of the ranking. Please report possible eligible cases to Rank a Brand verifier.