Dairy Environmental Policy Question 6

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Is at least 50% of the dairy produced without chemical flavors, colorants, smells or preservatives and are the additives such as sugar, fruit and cocoa from organic origin?

  • Dutch version: Is ten minste 50% van de zuivel geproduceerd zonder chemische smaak-, geur- en kleurstoffen of conserveringsmiddelen en zijn de toevoegingen zoals suiker, fruit en cacao van biologische afkomst?
  • German version: Werden mindestens 50 % der Molkerei wird ohne chemische Aromen, Farbstoffe, Gerüche oder Konservierungsstoffe hergestellt?


When ingredients are added during the production process of milk and yoghurt (e.g. strawberry yoghurt), organic products can not be treated with chemical smell, colorants or flavors and additives such as sugar, fruit and cocoa from organic origin. Aroma's also need to be from organic origin. [1]

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