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EN: Does the brand refrain from using any microplastics for all of its products?
NL: Vermijd het merk (bedrijf) het gebruik van microplastics in al hun producten?
DE: Vermeidet der Markenhersteller die Verarbeitung von Mikroplastik in all den Produkten der Marke?


Here we refer to the international Beat The Micro Bead Campaign.

We cannot verify all individual products of brands. As the issue of microbeads has been prominent in the media and virtually all cosmetic companies have been invited to take a stand, it is most reasonable to ask cosmetic companies for a public declaration against the use of microbeads, respectively microplastic. We can only award a point if the use of microplastic is completely banned. This information can possibly found in the section of CSR, but also in a separate press release on the website. If you cannot find any information about the use of microplastic, please double check with Google website search for keywords microbeads, microplastic, micro-plastics, micro plastic.

Answering Guidelines

- [Brand] states that the use of microplastic is completely banned from all products.
- [Brand] communicates it uses no microplastic in its products.

- [Brand] communicates it uses microplastic in its products.

- [Brand] communicates about the use of microplastic, but it is not clear if these microplastics are actually banned from all products.

- [Brand] does not specify whether the use of microplastic is completely banned from all products.

-* You can pick the topic that applies to 'your' brand.

Note: when linking to a downloadable source document, please refer to the page(s) where to find the respective information with: (see link, page [..]).

Optional, but only for ? Answers, feel free to write at the end of a remark: Sustainability information should be easily accessible for consumers to make responsible choices.

Further resources

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