Chips Environmental Policy Question 4

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Does the brand (company) use environmentally certified oil in its products and in the case of palm oil use, does the brand source sustainable palm oil for all its palm oil containing products only?

  • Dutch version: Maakt het merk (bedrijf) gebruik van milieu-gecertificeerde olie in haar producten? Wanneer het merk palmolie gebruikt, gaat het dan om duurzame palmolie voor 100% van het totale volume aan palmolie?
  • German version: Verarbeitet der Markenhersteller umweltzertifiziertes Öl? Sofern Palmöl genutzt wird: wurde dieses ausschließlich nachhaltig produziert?

References and Guidelines

This question refers to the oil used to make chips, which makes up between 15-30% of most finished products. The main oils used in chip manufacture are sunflower, corn, canola, palm, safflower, or soybean oil.

All the oils used to make chips could have environmental issues (for example corn oil or canola oil), we ask that brands use environmentally certified oils for chip production.

In addition, because palm oil carries with it not only environmental but also social sustainability issues, we ask that brands using palm oil communicate a policy to sustainably source all palm oil by 2015.

Big companies like PepsiCo (Lays, Doritos and Smiths brand owner) and Procter and Gamble (Pringles brand owner) still use palm oil in its products, although it is not clear if palm oil is used in chips or other products. Smaller brands like Kettle and Tyrrell’s use other oils for its chips.

For additional references and answering guidelines see Supermarket Chains Ecology Question 10.

For more references regarding environmentally certified ingredients, see Chips Environmental Policy Question 1.